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Solid Aluminium Hardware
Crown Cut Walnut Veneer
Structural Grade Birch Ply Core

Anodised & Brush finished Architectural Grade Aluminum Alloy. Specifically we use 6063 grade which is a medium strength alloy and is commonly referred to as Architectural Grade.

It’s perfect for this application as we can get great consistency and the levels of magnesium in 6063 lend themselves to achieving stricter colour/anodise uniformity.

Premium Decorative Veneer is the highest grade available (A-Grade). We use crown cut on our desk shelves to maintain consistency and have strict veneer matching process.

The appearance of the grain in our veneer comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree, and each veneer’s unique and beautiful visual characteristics and the colours will vary from piece to piece.

15mm structural rated Birch ply core means you can trust our risers with the important job of supporting your devices and gear.

It’s also graded as a “face” which means we avoid knot holes and patches visible in the front edge of the ply stack.

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